April 6, 2015

going gray: the year of the selfie

tonight i managed to lock myself out of my office. 
and my homework in my office. 
sounds like a great time to write a post. 

today, it has officially been one year since i gave up on hair dye. 
when i started this journey, i shared it on my blog to hold myself accountable. 
to my readers. 
who basically include my parents, sister, and bernie.
maybe i should have just texted them. . . 

so far?

i'm pretty stinking proud of myself. 
i've stuck with it and embraced it as a temporary. . . albeit several year. . . process. 

along the way, i have searched the internet for other people's stories.
suffice it to say, there aren't a TON of blogs about women choosing to go gray in their 30's. 
but there are some out there. 
and i really appreciated hearing. . . and more importantly, seeing. . . how the process has gone for them. 
so. . . here's mine in return. 
mainly in pictures because there isn't much to say. 
"look. there's gray hair."
"and now there's more. . . "


there's one awkward part. 
(at least for me.)

these are not things i regularly take.

or share. 
but, it is awfully hard to look at the top of your head without them. 
and i decided to spare bernie from this new life task. 
selfies it is. 
here we go!

JUST GETTING STARTED. . . April 6, 2014


a few of these seem to have a blue filter. 
i don't know. 
apparently i was in the mood for blueish gray hair on occasion. 




i think i made anth help me take this one. 
such lucky kids i have. . . 


based on the artwork in background, this one appears to have been taken in my office. 
you can really see the lovely contrast between the gray and my highlights. 
i had highlights done when i started growing out the gray, because i thought things would blend better. 
word to the wise?
just grow it out. 
i am now contending with natural, highlighted, and gray hair. 



february was exciting. 
i finally reached the point where the gray goes all the way back to my ponytail. 
so what i'm saying is. . . i now look like i got one of those hairpieces at a stand in the mall. 
in the wrong color. 

here's one featuring not just the top of my head. 
also...it shows that, after a year, i'm not quite there yet. . . 
darn curls. 


i feel like the savvy boys should at least make an appearance on their namesake blog. 
if you look closely, you can see a christmas light in the background. 
they are strung around the boys' bunk bed.


i still have a long road ahead of me. . . 
"a long road."
that sounds a bit dramatic for "sitting around and waiting for hair to grow."
but. . . i'm still not ready to cut it off. 
i've just gotten used to looking a little bit messy. 
but. . . between work, school, the boys' sports, and our new obsession with Sherlock, life is a little bit messy right now. 
here's to looking how i feel!

March 6, 2015

what ben did while he was busy being 6

i've finally waived the white flag. 
grad school wins. 
and it ate my blog. 

BUT...there are still a few reasons to show up here. 
the boys being one of them. 
today, it's for this boy in particular: 

today is our sweet benjamin's 7th birthday. 

. . . 

i passed out for a bit. 
i'm back. 
and because i have been basically MIA for the last several months, i thought that benny's birthday was a good time to give a quick update on what 6 was like for him. 
in poor-quality phone-photos. 
because the nice camera requires effort. 
and forethought. 
and those are hard to come by these days. 
so. . . here is what benny did while 6. . . 

 we measured snow for school.
so. much. snow.  

he ate snacks at baseball games. 
he might have noticed the game was happened. 
but there were definitely snacks. 

he learned how to swim. 

 he was made to take baseball pictures sans bat. 
 he spent quality time with his new friend, Rocky.

he had a ton of fun at the 4th of July parade. 
wait. .  

and actual fun at the fireworks show. . . 

we visited grandma & grandpa welch (and aunt katie!) in California. 
when we landed at the airport, i told him we were minutes away from my college campus, UC Irvine. 
he took in a deep breath, looked around, and said, "ahhhh. the memories. . ."
note: he has never stepped foot on that campus. 
or, just for clarification, been in college. 
but, yes, benny. 
the memories. 

he discovered that, unlike last time, he kind of loves the beach. 

then he made this face when anth and bernie buried him in the sand. 

 and this one in the USS Midway.

and this one at Legoland. 
maybe we should assess the effect of California on the poor kid. . . 

he explored his love of baking with grandma welch. . . and his love of cooking by developing a brief obsession with Master Chef Kids. 

 he had moments where he and anthony agreed. 
on anything. 
at all. 
those were nice. . . 

he started 1st grade at a new school. 
with his big brother. 

he visited mommy's old stomping grounds, Baker West, so mommy could go see Pentatonix. 
he  made this face on the way in. 
and has been begging to go back ever since. 

he was fully indoctrinated into the Buckeye Football culture. 

and he stole my spot in bed each time dad traveled for work. 
while anth stole bern's spot. 
leaving me without a spot. 
in my own bed. 

 he played the role of "bat" in a school assembly. 

and the role of ninja at Halloween. 

he took a field trip to the entomology lab at Ohio State.
where he was equally enthralled and disgusted. 

he spent some QT with Brutus at a men's basketball game. 

he grinned-and-beared-it for the annual family photos. 
with bribes of Blizzards in his ears. . . 

he met new family members. 

and explored new money making schemes. 
in a wet shower. 
while wearing socks. . .  

he helped get ready for christmas. 

and told lots of jokes and stories. 

 and had an "epic" christmas. 

he also made sure we were aware of his feelings on the matter of having to stay at the dinner table until everyone is finished. 
we're still working on the staying in your chair part. . . 

he took up basketball. 
and is a natural like his daddy. :)

he tagged along to work with mommy and daddy on the various weather-related school closure days. 

and then he decided that he had pretty much worn out 6. 
and it was time to be 7. 

happy birthday to our sweet, sweet boy!

December 27, 2014

i think he likes me! Happy Savvyversary!

if you used to read My Savvy Boys, you know i've basically given up on blogging altogether. 
life has been busy around the Savvy house since august. 
mainly because i decided to give going back to school a whirl. 
and because ben started first grade, which comes with an hour of homework a night. 
and because of swimming. 
and basketball. 
and the boys' eternal need for nourishment, bath time, and some good old fashioned TLC. 
so, the extras get cut out, and the blog was one of those. 

but each year, i post on our anniversary. 
and here we are again. 

this year i have a huge glop of gratitude aimed right at Bern. 
(i know. glop? odd word choice. at first i wrote "debt of gratitude." but that sounded so dramatic. really, i have a large and amorphous amount of gratitude that makes my heart feel like mush. clearly, a glop.) 
he has taken on quite a bit so that i can work on a PhD. 
let's be clear, he has always contributed in a meaningful way around the house.
as in, i sometimes call him from Kroger to ask where things are in the store. 
or what laundry is in what basket. 
but this year he has taken on the lion's share of running the Savvy-family machine. 
and it means the world to me. 
i wouldn't be able to do the things i need to do to be a successful student without help. 

several people have told me that he "owes" me this. 
back in 2010, he completed an MBA at Ohio State. 
and yes, i spent several years running the household machine. 
and getting attached to a few new television series. 
and, say, starting a blog out of boredom. 
but we had a baby and a 3-year-old. 
my biggest job beyond my. . . job. . . was to feed, bathe, and play with the boys until bed time. 

today, we have a dog. 
a young. terrier. dog. 
and two boys in multiple sports. 
and they have friends to hang out with. 
and SO MUCH MORE laundry. 
and they continue to get hungry. 
so, yes. 
it's his "turn." 
but it's different this time. 
there are more moving parts. 
and, for the record, he isn't doing it because he "owes" me. 
he's doing it because that's the kind of guy he is. 
as my mom always says, "he's a keeper." 

and that's why i feel lucky to have such a wonderful partner to celebrate 12 years with today. 
and many more in the future. 
the majority of which, we know, will not include one of us in school. 
this "phase" will pass. 

how do i know this? 
because we met 14 years ago. 
and we have now been married for 12 of those. 
when i think about all we have done, accomplished, laughed and loved each other through, it MUST have been a while. 
we have two (largely) functional smallish humans. 
but when it comes down to it, i remember late nights at the "graduate student pub" in Bowling Green having "i think this is getting serious" conversations.
and i remember learning how to be married professionals doing the same entry-level job together. 
the same job. 
at the same university. 
in the same department. 
at one point managing two sides of the same residence hall. 
i also remember calling my mom and asking exactly how far a newborn could projectile vomit before we should be really concerned. 
i remember a lot of those firsts. 
and they seem like they were just around the corner. 
if i could just turn my head fast enough, they would be right there. 
and that's how i know. 
school will happen. 
it will be a challenge. 
and then, suddenly, it will be a memory. 
and we'll have another handful of years under our belts, but many, many more ahead. 

in the meantime, i'm grateful. 
because my mom is right. 
he's a keeper. 

Happy Anniversary, Sweet Boy!

Left: me. Right: Keeper. 

Left: Keeper. Right: Me. 
clearly, i'm grateful to these two nuggets as well. 
my Savvy Boys