March 29, 2013

christmas photos! because it's still winter in Ohio?

my sister emailed me yesterday to tell me i am a failure a blogging. 
or something like that. 
she didn't exactly phrase it that way. 
but, it is totally true. 
the last few months have involved lots of travel, family visits, and what feels like eternal work on our house.

to be VERY honest, i have been a scattered mess. 
as in, recently, i was heading into work, and realized i couldn't get into by building because i had left my ID in my car. 
so i went around the building the "long way" and went back out to my car. 
where I realized i had left my car keys in my office. 
that key ring? 
also has my office keys on it. 
so, let's suffice it to say that blogging has been the last thing on the radar. 
i am just trying to be successfully prepared to enter locked spaces to which i actually own keys. 

so, you know what i thought would nicely demonstrate exactly how far behind on life i am?
posting our 2012 christmas photos. 
with intermittent captions. 
because i just can't quite accomplish that much right now. 
but, katie mae, here is a small gesture toward blogging. 
love you. :)

this one requires a caption.
this is the boys coming down the stairs on christmas morning.
with my 3-year-old self photo-bombing the event.
but you could probably already tell it was christmas morning.
from the image of pure joy on anth's face. 

i no longer recall why he is doing this.
that is the perk of posting pictures 3.5 months after the event. 

this is my sister, katie.
we call her katie mae.
mae is not her middle name.
bernie started that in 2000 and it stuck.
when you harass me for blog posts, you get pictures of you in your pajamas. 
bernie loves me so much right now. 
you are welcome, katie mae. 
Iron Ben.
for years, katie has been forced to play the role of "christmas elf."
she was happy to finally relinquish this role to anthony.
he has yet to figure out that it is a questionable "honor."
katie will probably never ask me to blog again. 
nothing says "let's snuggle" quite like a saber-toothed cat.
benny continues to be obsessed. 
this blanket was a LOT larger than i expected it to be.
i read the measurements.
i just didn't really think about them. 
ben liked it as much as my mom. 
i love stockings.
that is all. 

this basically sums things up.

with grandma & grandpa welch!
there we have it folks. 
i also have several other gems from this trip. 
including my family attempting to play ring toss. 
and me wearing outfits we found from my high schools days. 
which may or may not include a "motorcycle jacket" and a handmade ren fair costume. 
i'll be sure to post those. 
in june.