October 25, 2015

living in the earth's core

you read the title correctly. 
today's topic is living in the center of the earth. 

because this was also the topic of conversation at the dinner table this week. 
don't ask me why. 
i was just there for the quesadillas. 

benny asked what would happen if a giant came and broke the earth's mantle. 
anthony complicated the conversation by tossing in a broken core. 
the boys discussed this for a bit. 
and decided that the house would probably fall straight into the earth. 
ben then declared that we would have to live the rest of our days stuck inside our house. 
he looked upset for about 2.3 seconds.
and then he brightened up and declared, "but at least we would have wireless!"

i'm glad to know we are instilling the ones that really matter.