November 17, 2013

fail photo: stairs are hard

most folks believe it is safer in the basement during a tornado warning. 
i tend to be one of those folks.

additional fact:
it helps to walk down the stairs on the way there, rather than fall down them. 
all of them. 

here's my benny. 
he is absolutely fine now, after a few good tears on his part and a minor heart attack on mine. 

though benny remains unimpressed with my handiwork. 

November 1, 2013

wholesome moment turned fail photo

sometime last week, i was running behind during the early-morning get-out-the-door dash. 
when this happens, i occasionally ask anth to pitch in and help benny pick up the pace. 
this time, i asked anth if he could help me by putting on ben's shoes. 

he agreed, and they plodded off to make this happen. 
a few minutes later, i darted through the kitchen, and saw something that made me stop. 
instead of just shoving ben's shoes on and tying them, anth was taking the time to actually try to teach benny how to tie his shoes. 
(he has had velcro until just recently. oops.)

i caught this moment just in time to snap this shot: 

wholesome, right? 

i could just put up a sweet little post and leave it at that. 
but then this wouldn't be the blog that it is. . .

moments later, as i was just about to get a different angle, i was also there to catch the following shot. 
this would be, apparently, the exact moment at which the lesson deteriorated:

i am choosing to take this as (not-so-) scientific evidence that they are usually engaged in wholesome moments while i am out of the room. 
i just must happen to walk in right after the wholesome part on most days. . .