if you are on this page, and you actually know anth, you will know that he is 7, not 5. 
i'm working on that. 
i have an idea. 
it will just take me a minute. 
in the meantime, here is a recent picture of our man at 7! 

wondering if i wrote this recently or another 2 years ago?
today is 12.4.12
give me a week. 
or 104. 
give or take. 

anth is 5. he is our old soul.

he follows rules and remembers everything.
he is generally patient, kind, and looks out for those around him.
we call him a little RA.
he can't help it. it's in his blood.

he wanted me to use this page to tell you about some of his favorite things.

his favorite color is green.
his favorite song is I Gotta Feeling.
his favorite book to read to us is Are You My Mother?
his favorite book to listen to is Harry Potter.
he loves cheerios, mac & cheese and breath mints.

and, finally, he thought i should tell you all that he is a little bit wacky.
and that maybe he'll figure out more to share.

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  1. I wrote a really great comment and then realized I moved to a different page and forgot to type the captcha thing, or whatever it is.

    Long story short, I can't believe he is already 5. Wow. Time flies.