October 25, 2012

a letter to the tooth fairy

while running into daycare today to grab benny, i ran into fellow OSU mom, Lori.
our kids have been in daycare together for years.
tonight, she reminded me that my last blog post had been from bernie's birthday. 
on October 1st. 
still behind on life. 
and likely until June 30th when this whole USAC term ends. 

the last few weeks have been a whirlwind. 
first, bern and i spent a week in Charleston, SC celebrating our 10 year anniversary a tad early. 
(photos exist. maybe, someday, i will manage to share them.)
then i came back and spent two days with my parents, who flew out here from California to watch the boys while we were away. 
then i worked for 3 days. 
last saturday, i hopped on a plane to St. Louis for the Residential Curriculum Institute
(for my Res Life friends, it was wonderful, has my head swimming with great ideas, and you should really consider going.)
then i was out sick yesterday. 
worked today. 
and will be out most of the day tomorrow because anth's school is closed and a friend and i are taking our kiddos to a pumpkin patch/apple picking/general fallishness location. 

so, in october, i've averaged a solid 2.3 days of work per week, and 1/25 days of blogging. 
it's been a banner month. 

but...i'm back. 
at least for today. 
to share a gem of a note that anth wrote tonight. 
bern took some time off today, (we can't have BOTH of us working at the same time) to take anth to the dentist. 
once again, he had adult teeth growing in behind his baby teeth. 
this means that, instead of pushing out the old ones, he ends up with two sets. 
thus, they call it "shark teeth."
last time, we made our initial visit and were told to come back and have them removed. 
this time, the dentist saw them and insisted on pulling two of them while he was there. 
poor kid. 
not exactly the day he had planned. 

 so, this cute jack-o-lantern of a face joined dad at work the rest of the day today. 

when we were talking about getting his teeth ready for the tooth fairy, bern suggested that anth write a note to the tooth fairy explaining how he lost two teeth in one day. 
here is what anth wrote:

not exactly a note about his experience today. 
but the kid has clearly picked up a few pointers during a campaign year. 
i mean, come on Tooth Fairy, give the kid some credit. 

October 1, 2012


first things first.
Happy Birthday, Bern!
i hope you had the most exciting day-of-birth-spent-at-a-conference ever!

speaking of bernie. . .
my husband sometimes teases me that i am not helping him raise well-rounded kids.

at first i was confused as to what he meant.
anth and benny both love So You Think You Can Dance.
and listening to musicals.
anth is an avid reader.
and ben can't wait to start gymnastics this fall.
however, i can concede that this is my version of well-rounded.

this topic usually comes up when bern is excited to sit down and watch football.
and both boys instantly scatter to find more exciting things to do.
as a football fan, bern would like to share this with his children.
personally, one of my favorite things about football is that it comes with nachos.
and, perhaps, a chance to snooze a little on the couch after said nachos.

so, i can understand bern's concern.
last weekend, anth sat down with dad to watch OSU play Michigan State.
i sat down to eat some nachos.
things were going well.
until anth asked bern why the referee kept throwing a rubber chicken on the field.
this was the rubber chicken:

i will let you imagine the look i recieved from bernie. . .

point taken.