2010 family photos

this year we didn't go to an indoor studio for our annual photos of the boys.
i am SO grateful for that choice!
here are a collection of my favorite photos taken in october 2010.
i started with a photo that doesn't even include our faces.
i love it that much. :)
the photographer suggested we take of our shoes and hike up our pants to capture an artistic shot.
i had no idea what it would be and the grass was a bit cold and damp.

but we went with it.
well, clearly, ben didn't.
per usual.
this is my favorite shot from the day.

thank you so much to priscilla for reconnecting and taking such wonderful shots of the boys and our family!

(check out more of priscilla's work at www.priscillajoyphotography.com)


  1. So precious! I am glad I got to see you and Bernie last weekend!

  2. Bernie, your family is absolutely beautiful!

    Very good photos. Thanks for posting and sharing them.