June 15, 2014

home run!

all season, i have been meaning to bring my "nice" camera to one of the boys' baseball games. 
all season, i have not brought my "nice camera" to a game. 
this is one of those occasions where meaning well doesn't really help much at the end of the day. 

last week, i finally remembered my camera for anth's last pre-tournament game of the season. 
but first, we had to make a stop for both boys' swimming lessons before the game. . . 

note: this photo is NOT actually from the same day. 
it's just a visual. 
in case you have a hard time. . .
picturing children. . . 
in pools. . . 

swim lessons and the game overlapped a bit, so we got there a bit late. 

this was fine with benny. 
because, CheezIts.

i thought, i'm here. 
with my good camera. 
might as well get up and get a shot of anth at bat now and sit back and enjoy the rest of the game. 

quite frankly, there isn't usually much to take a shot of.
here he is.
holding a bat. 

more bat. 
different angle. 

 concentration. . . 

swing. . . 

and, hooray!
he got a hit!
off to first. 

and second.
and then i stopped shooting for a minute, because he didn't stop running. 
and maybe he should have. . .

check out that look on his coach's face in the background. 
and the ball coming in next to him. 
but most importantly, his grinning mug. 

the kid made an ill-advised dash to home. 
and made it. 

love that semi-toothed grin. :) 
and he didn't stop smiling all night. 

i, of course, took advantage of this. 
and just kept shooting. :) 

but, let's not be too proud of myself. 
i still haven't managed to bring the good camera to one of ben's games. 
so, here's ben. . . 
standing in the park. 
after a game. 

homerun, mom! 

and, of course, some love for the man who is teaching them how to play. . . 
happy father's day, bernie john!