August 26, 2010


  • benny is getting bigger far too fast, and his language skills are keeping the same pace. thankfully, he still has a few bennyisms that i adore. should you bump into him, here are a few essentials to know.
  • if he asks for a FOOFIE...he would like a smoothie
  • if he tells you ANNIE MY BRUDDO...he is sharing his relation to Anthony
  • should he suggest you provide him a LIZARD... he is hoping for a trip to Dairy Queen
  • (if anth asks you for a MR. AND MRS. D FLOAT...he would like a trip to the same location...for a Mr. Misty float.)
  • if he insists DARK BAY-DOUGH SMEEN! ...he is commenting on Star Wars' central antagonist
  • should he demand TANNY...he is looking for a piece of candy
  • if he is adamant about receiving ALLAMUM...he would like all of whatever it is that you have
  • if he wants to play SHOOT-O with are going to get shot with a squirt gun
  • if he begs you for a DADDY TOOKIE...he is in desperate need of an oreo. stat.
  • and, if he is mad that you TOOK HIS have sat in the chair that was previously his spot

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