August 10, 2010


we are trying to raise polite kids. "please" is a required word in our house if the boys want to have something. if the boys forget to say it, we give them the friendly tilt-my-head-toward-you-and-cup-my-ear-while-raising-the-eyebrows. benny sometimes misses this cue, so we give him a "puh..." and he fills in the "leez!"

benny really wanted a cookie tonight. when he's focused, he tends to get ahead of himself. "cookie, mama!"I responded with the requisite cupping the ear..."cookie, mama!"

so, i leaned over and whispered "puh..." He got up on his tiptoes, cupped his hands around my ears, and emphatically whispered "puh-COOKIE!"

...sometimes cute wins. sometimes.

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