August 12, 2010


setting: straightening upstairs, i overheard/quietly witnessed this...
Anth: oh! ben! i forgot! i have to show you the super special secret! come here... (walks toward bathroom)
Benny: otay (follows)
Anth: (climbs onto footstool in front of sink) okay ben, are you ready?
Benny: uh-huh!
Anth: we have a secret hole in the wall!
Benny: (captivated silence)
Anth: (with super-self-impressed look on his face...opens our medicine cabinet behind the sink)
Benny: (whispers) wow...da secwet
Anth: i know, isn't it cool? a hole in our own wall!

...we have since made 2 trips back to the cabinet to open it again for benny. it is, apparently, another way in to Narnia. 

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