August 21, 2010

sitter story: scooby couture (8.21.10)

  • (kindly submitted by Kelsey Tschanen...RA/babysitter from 8.18.2010 post/co-director of OSU's Off The Lake Productions, my favorite collection of people ever/wonderful human)
  • Scene: So we're sitting on the couch watching a Scooby Doo movie and I made a mental note that they had updated some of the gang's usual 70s attire with a more modern version. Fred, in particular, was wearing a blue shirt and a khaki cargo vest instead of his staple white v-neck sweater. As Fred was getting ready for dinner, he pulled an orange (what I called) scarf out of the drawer, put it on, frowned, and said "Nah", before throwing it back in the drawer. In seeing this, I let out a small chortle. The conversation proceeded as follows:
  • Anth: What's so funny?
  • Kelsey: Well, back when I was young and watched this show, Fred wore that orange scarf ALL the time, so the fact that he thought it looked silly and put it back in the drawer is funny.
  • Anth: Scarf?
  • Kelsey: Yeah, that orange thing he had around his neck.
  • *Anthony got kinda quiet, but I didn't think too much of it.
  • *3 mins later
  • Anth: Did you mean "ascot" earlier?
  • Kelsey: .....I....uh......huh?!
  • Anth: Fred put on an ascot, not a scarf. You probably just forgot what it was called... It's ok, though, it happens to me all the time.
  • (personally, i wonder if he spent those 3 minutes searching for the right word...or debating if he should or shouldn't correct the babysitter)

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