September 27, 2010

choices. . .

i have been debating donating (AKA, hacking off) my hair.
a decision of this nature requires some (AKA excessive) verbal processing on my part.
while driving home today, i asked the boys (AKA strapped down audience) if i should go ahead and cut my hair short.

anth's initial response..."mom, you've been talking about this for like, 10 weeks."
(basically, true)
followed by, "dad just bought me new safety scissors."
i suggested that i might, like he, seek out a professional for help with this adventure.
he agreed that this was a good idea.

i turned the car radio back up and all was quiet for a bit.
then, "hey, mom? i think this is a decision you need to make for yourself."

...special. my 5-year old is reflecting back my mommyisms.


  1. nobody seems to be commenting lately, and seeing as it is 3:19am and i am awake (trust me, out of necessity) i thought i would...

    i think you should do it. i also think you might have one of the world's most insightful 5 year olds.

  2. I cannot stop laughing. Thank you for this blog!