September 22, 2010

homework. . .

anth was working on one of his first kindergarten homework assignments tonight. the topic was measuring. he was asked to: 

  1. find some household objects to measure
  2. draw a picture of each item measured, and
  3. find a way to show on paper the measurements taken and to what they correspond
fair enough. 

the first item anth chose to measure was a 3x3 inch Mickey Mouse board book of his brother's. 
he focused, measured it accurately, and then drew a picture in his notebook. 
then i reminded him that he needed to figure out a way to show his teachers what he found out on paper. 

he put his head down for a minute in thought. then he looked up at me and asked if i could help him spell "Dear Donna and Leann, you could probably already tell this by yourself but this book is 3 inches." 

(i normally allow him to stay his course, but seeing as he is new to this classroom, i thought perhaps this statement might be misconstrued in its sincerity. in the end we agreed on "this book is 3 inches.")

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  1. So I would just like to say that your kids are amazing!!!! I love it. This has really brightened my work day!!!