October 5, 2010


i've realized that i shared a photo of my new haircut on the traditional "fail photo friday" post. 
(freudian, much?)
brilliant work, self. 

the photo i was going to use last week is this little gem...

anth's pre-school teachers, Kathy and James, sent home  a portfolio of photos and classwork from his two years with them. 
inside it are many little treasures that will be making their way to this site in the future. 
for now, here is one of my favorite photos. 
it is of anth and his longtime friend, Ziya.  
in the album, it is titled "mother hubbard."
one can presume that it is a live demonstration of the nursery rhyme. 

one can also get the sense that Ziya is, in fact, role-playing...
...and that anth, perhaps, is not. 

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