October 15, 2010

Fail Photo Friday - 8

my son is top-heavy. 
mostly in the head region. 
this is true of most wee ones. 
my little man just hasn't quite figured out how to make that work for him and keep the head more in the air than, say, bumping into the ground and whatnot. 

benny's teachers are wonderful, and whenever he bumps his head, they send a warning email regarding his new facial markings before we pick him up that day. 
we get these emails with some regularity. 

this week we received one, and as a fun side note, a picture that i found pretty much perfect was attached. 
they were cleaning their pumpkin in class that day. 

things of note in this picture: 
several children are cleaning the pumpkin.
the pumpkin is clean.
the children seem to be only reaching out and touching the pumpkin.
yet, upon closer inspection, all of the dirt has somehow been transferred to benny's face. 
that's my boy. 

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