October 22, 2010

fail photo ratio - 9

i've started a folder on my computer of some of my favorite "fail photos" for future friday posts. 
which, of course, means that there are so many that i have a tough time choosing. 
iPhoto currently tells me that i have 14,640 photos sitting in it. 

there are approximately 400 that i love, like this: 

and 14, 240 that look a bit more like this: 

and this...

i know this, because i have a folder called "mommy's favorites."
it has less than 400 photos in it. 
that, my friends, is a less than 3% success rate. 

so for those of you who like the Fail Photo Fridays...no worries of me running out anytime soon. 

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha, most of the pictures of my sister and I are like those second two. She's the Anthony, and I'm the Benny :D