October 19, 2010

there's pee-pee in my closet

tonight was an entertaining night for me.
as usual, this one requires a little bit of background information...

1. i love music.
2. i especially adore musical theatre. 
3. i am also easily music-impressionable. 
4. i.e., one has to simply mention a song title and it's in my head all day. 
5. really, all you have to do is mention a phrase that is a lyric in a song and it's over for me. 
6. this weekend, a colleague mentioned the musical Chess in a post on Facebook.
7. as a result, i was compelled to listen to it. repeatedly.
8. because of my schedule this week, this has mostly happened in the car with my boys. 
9. and, if i'm being honest, because the show was written in the 80's it sounds very...80's. 
10. so i tend to skip around to the songs that i really love. 
11. one of these is Heaven Help My Heart. 
12. which brings me to the string of events that this song put into play tonight...

as i was getting the boys ready for bath time, anth stated "hey, mom...i think that maybe it's not really best to love a stranger. i mean, sometimes they can be dangerous. and sneaky. strangers are sneaky."
as a concerned parent taking this statement out of context, i asked some questions to follow-up. 
i eventually realized that he was referring to lyrics toward the end of the song. 
(no idea what song i'm talking about? thought so. below is a treat of a version by Idina Menzel.) 

Idina Menzel - Heaven Help My Heart

we were discussing the merits of anthony's statement when benny, naked, dashed off into my closet. 
i chased him into said closet, and while in there, distracted myself by picking out an outfit for tomorrow. 
until i suddenly felt a warm sensation on my foot. 
where benny had peed. 
so, twenty minutes later i have a clean foot and two clean boys and anthony asked me another question about the song. so i brought it up on my phone and the boys were listening to it. 
bless my sweet boys who are this willing to listen to mommy's musical whims
as they were watching the video, ben's brow became increasingly furrowed. 
he eventually looked up and me and sad, "mommy, dis person so sad."
i asked him why he thought she was so sad. 
to which my sweet boy responded in complete seriousness, "betause i pee-pee on your feet, mommy?"

all of this from a stray Facebook post...


  1. I wish
    No must
    Make my disgust
    at this post there
    perfectly clear
    I bear
    no blame
    for your
    great shame
    Teach your
    son to
    not potty
    on you

  2. oddly, i am finding neither decorum nor tranquility in this response, doug.

  3. As a musical theatre geek and a lover of Chess, this is quite possibly my most favorite post I've ever read!!!