November 10, 2010


so...last night i managed to get benny into bed in enough time for anth and i to make some popcorn and watch Glee before he had to go to sleep. 

we are about 4 episodes behind, so no, i don't have an opinion on last night's show. 
and i probably won't until january at this rate. 

so, we are sitting there quietly eating popcorn and listening to a rendition of Losing My Religion, when anth suddenly faux-yawns, stretches his arms out, and puts one around my neck. 

i can't think of a show that would have exposed him to this maneuver. 
nor do i imagine that he learned this in kindergarten.
and though bern might find that funny, he wouldn't have taught him this. 

so, really, you just come standard issue with this one? 

just curious. 

1 comment:

  1. I think some guys are naturally smooth. Clearly, Anthony is. I on the other hand, am not.