November 14, 2010

i feel so merry. . . and. . . bright.


it has begun. 
today before leaving to do homework, bernie lovingly humored me by getting the boxes of christmas decorations out of the basement. 
i thought anth was going to explode, he was so excited to decorate. 
benny...watched Monsters Inc. 

Christmas is a particular favorite in the savarese house. 
bern and i chose to get married over the holidays. 
december 28th.
what better backdrop than a gorgeous christmas tree covered in white lights?
and a bunch of Rat Pack music.
it just makes everything...cozier.  
and today felt like a particularly good day for pine and white lights. 

fortunately, benny kept himself busy by playing in a box from daddy's office move. 

and after anth got tired of decorating, he and benny tried to find ways to fit into the box together. 
in the end, they decided it was best to take turns. 

i put up just enough to hold me over for a little while. 
(yes, i was jonesing for a christmas fix. there are worse things...)
the tree, of course, will wait for bern.

anth's reaction to the whole thing: "Oh, mom! when it gets dark tonight, can we snuggle on the couch and enjoy it?"
(we have since agreed to hot chocolate and a strand of lights in his room)

benny's reaction (while walking around the room and pointing at the various items):
"Santa...Christmas...BIRFDAY CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
we'll work on that last one. 


  1. Yay! It looks great! :) I can't wait to see it in person!!! Also? REALLY fantastic shots. Love the angles.

  2. Hey i'm Erin Hutfilz' sister and I was just browsing your blog. I LOVE these pictures and I'm wondering what kind of camera you have...?

  3. There's a baker west name I haven't heard in a while! These were taken with a sad little point-and-shoot camera! It's a 12.1 mega pixel Sony Cyber-shot. But I'm itching to get a "big girl" camera soon!

  4. Thanks! The camera produces awesome pictures, but you have some pretty cute subjects working in your favor as well (: