November 1, 2010

mommies can't have play dates

my dear friend kelly is moving to Madison, Wisconsin. 
(i could write more than a few posts about the complete and utter unacceptableness - yes, made up words are fair game as long as people can understand them - of the whole thing.)

so tonight, the little men and i went to pay her a final visit at her place here in Columbus. 
"telly" is one of my kids' favorites. 
as in, recently, anth asked if the whole family would be over to watch the game. 
"you know, you (to dad), mom, ben, kelly..."
needless to say, we have spent some quality time together over the last 8 years.  
but, i digress. 

tonight, on the drive over, I asked the boys if they were excited to go play at kelly's. 
to which anth responded, "well, i'm going to go play mom, but you can't."
thinking he was implying that he wanted to spend more time with her i told him that he was sweet. 
and he responded, "NO, mom. only little kids 'go play' with other people. old people (*mental note, teach child not to call adults old people) just 'come over for a visit' or 'hang out for a while' at your house." 

thanks, anth. 
i'll be sure to spread the word to all my geriatric friends. 

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