December 9, 2010

holiday planning equals fail (photo)

and in this case, the failure part will be coming from me. 
i'm owning this in advance. 
looking ahead to the holiday season and the general hustle and bustle that comes with it, i'm making this statement in advance: i'm probably going to be a tad lazy about posting this month. 
or a lot lazy. 
only time will tell. 

but, case in point, tonight i'm tossing up one of my many photos gone awry and putting my nose to the holiday grindstone. 
while i keep my kids contained. 

*note: dear friends in Social Services, no i am not literally keeping my children in a box. 
this shot was taken last june. 
the kids were playing sweetly together in this box. 
as many children who have plenty of good toys tend to do. 
it was cute enough for me to walk to the next room and grab my camera. 
and this is what the cute moment evolved into by the time i returned. 

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