January 17, 2011

simply said

anth's kindergarten has recently been discussing the meaning behind MLK Day.
anth can't quite seem to get the full name "Martin Luther King, Jr." down. 

sometimes he misses one of the names. 
sometimes an "Arthur" sneaks in there.
and sometimes the "Jr." ends up in the wrong place. 

but, on the way home from work Friday night, i was futzing around on my phone finalizing a few things from work that day. 
bern was driving. 
at first i overheard bern offering "it's Martin,  anth, not Arthur," so i knew what the topic was. 

then bern switched gears and asked anth if he knew what the man believed in. 
my sweet boy said, "love." 

in moments like these, my preference for detail is reminded that there are plenty of times when the view of the forest is far more important than that of the trees. 


  1. Aw I miss the holiday decor. And your kids are super cute.

  2. That anthony savarese. A boy after everyone's heart. :)