March 8, 2011


preface: anth has a Nintendo DS that he received for Christmas.
bern and i have agreed to limit his use of this piece of equipment.
typically, it is not used on school nights, but can make an appearance, based on behavior, on weekends.
anth refers to weekends as "stay home" or "stay at home" days.

anth and i share the guilty pleasure of american idol.
i tell myself that this is okay because:
1. i DVR it and we watch it at a reasonable hour the next day, and
2. i chalk it up to exposing him to the performing arts.

just go with me on this one.

back while were were watching the city-based auditions, the little we're-about-to-go-to-a-commercial-voice-over-guy came on and said something to the effect of "there were bound to be some good auditions in Los Angeles."

anth paused the TV and asked me what "bound to" meant.
i explained it to him.
and we talked a little bit about things like "binding agreements," and the commitment to certain things definitely happening.

as usual, anth seemingly went back to what he was doing, and restarted the show.
a few minutes later, he paused it again.
"well, mom, then you should know i'm bound to play my DS a lot on my stay-home days this week."

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