April 6, 2011

beautiful. . . in every single way

we use U-Verse in the savvy abode. 
in the past three weeks, our service has gone out 4 times. 
it takes our access to TV, DVR, and the internet with it. 
we were somewhere in the midst of round 4 of this, and our only tech-ish connection to the outside world was through my phone's 3G connection. 

i came across two things, a la Kelly Ignatoski, that i thought were worth sharing. 

the first was this little gem that I found on her FB wall. 
it's a video of a collaboration between the Columbus Gay Men's Chorus and the Columbus Children's Choir in support of the Trevor Project and the It Gets Better Campaign. 
i played it for the boys while we were reading our bedtime books. 
they were both sitting in my lap in the rocker in benny's room. 
benjamin, being his usual patient self...and knowing how to operate my iPhone...pushed the button at the top of my phone to shut it off and informed us, "dat song is too wong." 

when it was anth's time for bed, he asked me about the song. 
he wanted to know if it was meant just for "pretty people."
i informed him it wasn't, and a little bit more about the intention behind it, and he asked if we could watch it again so he could "listen harder."
i love him. 

later, i was on kelly's blog, kelarious, catching up on a few recent posts. 
two of them centered on children's books. 
which i know she has a little penchant for, from several giggling trips to the kids' section of Barnes and Noble together in our early Hall Director years. 
in this post, she outlines a few of her go-to favorite books for gifts. 
recently, benny received Dooby Dooby Moo and Click, Clack Moo: Cows that Type from Kelly for his 3rd birthday. 

actually, all the Savvys received a little something compliments of a kelly care package. 

bernie was recognized for graduating, benny for his bday, and anth for just being anth. 
even i got a little something fun in recognition of having my life back. 

kelly is familiar with my nerdiness.
and knows that i am a complete sucker for chex mix. 
she was also my crafting partner-in-crime before she moved up to Madison. 
the button is from a craft shop...commenting on the current political issues in her state. 

here is benjamin being excited about his new book. 

and here is book #1 being employed at nap time. 
it took two books to do the trick...

benny can now be heard at night through his bedroom door, quietly dooby-mooing to himself. 

it's both endearing and hilarious. 
so, thanks kel. 

she also highlighted a website on her blog. 
it was created by James Patterson to encourage wee ones to become life-long readers. 
and, being passionate about this myself, i couldn't help but re-post for anyone interested...
check it out...

too lazy to read about reading? 

here are a few fun videos of some of kelly's, and now the boys', favorites... 
click clack moo: cows that type 
diary of a worm.
dooby dooby moo 
duck for president 

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