April 4, 2011

i'm sensing a theme

first, i have to thank PJ for triggering this memory via text yesterday.
sometimes blog-worthy things happen, and i don't jot it down.
those who know me well know that if it doesn't get written down, it's long gone in the recesses of my mind.

back in October, anth lovingly suggested i join the cast of The Biggest Loser.
for the second time.

this experience was commemorated in this post.

more recently, bern and i joined a gym.
it was a treat to ourselves to celebrate his graduation, and a small gesture to recognize that fact that we "have our lives back."
mind you, i haven't entered a gym since 2004.
and before that since i was in gymnastics in elementary school.

the gym we chose is close to home and offers two hours of daycare a day with their family package.
bern had been several times while my parents were here.
not so much.
the three savvy boys and i made our first journey to the gym as a family this weekend.

the facility is built into a variety of focused areas, and we were passing a large area of elliptical machines on our way to the childcare room.
it was saturday morning, and the place was rather crowded.
so, thankfully, there were approximately 42 people around to hear anth suddenly declare,
"mom! it's like you're own Biggest Loser!"

yes, it is.
except i look like a different kind of loser in this scenario.

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