June 2, 2011

mind boggling

so...bern and i recently fashioned a set of blank 3x5 cards into flash cards for anthony.
we use these some nights before bed.
per his request.
to help him "learn more about his numbers."

i am serious.

while working on flashcards recently, i started to explain that, in the case of some numbers, there are basic patterns that make it easy to quickly figure out the answer.
such as when adding 9 to a number, etc.

anth took in this information and we practiced a bit.
and he saw that the patterns were, in fact, consistent.

we were sitting in his bed together with our backs against his headboard.
anth, facing forward, reached out his hand and grabbed my knee.
"oh...mom. that just totally blew my mind!"

just imagine when he gets to F.O.I.L.

1 comment:

  1. Love the comment about FOIL. Anth gets smarter and cuter by the day!