July 19, 2011

songs o' the French Quarter

maybe it would be more accurate to say songs o' the New Orleans Convention Center.
or songs o' the Hilton.
or songs o' our-wandering-adventures-about-the-streets-of-New-Orleans-in-a-constant-state-of-indecision-regarding-our-desired-destination.
but, i'll get back to that.

for now, let me say this.
if i didn't really love public education/education in general, i might seriously consider homeschooling the boys.
because currently, ben keeps requesting to listen to Firework in the car.
and he wants to listen to it on repeat.
no matter where we are driving or for how long.
i did not introduce my not-yet-preschooler to Katy Perry.
nor did i introduce anth to Justin Bieber. (or "beaver," according to benny.)
but anth could listen to Baby all day as well.
these are things they had to have picked up at school.
i still love artists like Counting Crows and Tracy Chapman, with a heavy mix of musical theatre.
which is basically what i listen to in the car.
so i know they didn't get the pop music from me.
and we don't really set up the boys with MTV or VH-1.
not that they actually play videos anymore, anyway.
so, unless bern secrectly has Bieber Fever, i am assuming these come from somewhere beyond bern and i.
hence the desire to homeschool.
until i remember that i also really kind of like adult contact at some point in my day.
and they would be failures at geography were that left to me.

so. back to new orleans.
i'm pretty sure that the folks who were with me on that trip would also like to keep me at home.
becuase i had the WEIRDEST songs stuck in my head.
on repeat.
(which, let me clarify, means they are also coming out of my head in an audible way...)
these songs included, but were not limited to, the following:

Forever Young - Rod Stewart  (we overheard this one while eating burgers. in a casino.)
On The Street Where You Live - from My Fair Lady (this came while we were wandering around aimlessly looking for a "classy" spot.)
Teach Me How To Dougie - Cali Swag District (this came from pleading Maria to do exactly this.)
I Wish - Skee-Lo (someone said "i wish" and i finished the sentence with "i was a baller." and it just kept going.)
and, of course, Lady - Kenny Rogers (um. . .)

i really don't remember how i got Lady in my head. but gosh it wouldn't get out.
if you ask Kelly, she will sing it for you.
according to her, i sounded kind of like Ron Burgandy.
which is rather unfortunate.
for everyone.
so, dear friends who were with me in NOLA, please accept my apologies.
for subjecting you to a range of musical ridiculousness.

i also bet that my friend across the hallway at work really apprecaited me listening to my Alice and Chains station on Pandora today for three straight hours.
so, sorry for that, too.

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