August 4, 2011

how to win ben's love for under a dollar

and, at long last (if four days qualifies as either long or last), here is what makes ben tick as!

1. Firework(s) 
as we have covered previously, he loves Firework by Katy Perry.
he also loves real fireworks and the 4th o' July sparklers that were left in the house were a strong focal point until they made their debut. 
(more to come on this topic. . . )

2. a song he can't pronounce
"Firework" is closely tied with "Two Nobodies In New York." 
this song is from the musical [Title of Show].
when he asks for this one, it sounds like "(drunkish slur) York."
(sometimes it sounds like "two dead bodies in new york." ack!)
but i know what he means so i put it on and the world keeps spinning.
i happened to have this song on one day at daycare pick-up time.
bern had taken the kids in on the way to work in the morning, which meant i had time for my own musical selection.
this show has approximately two songs in it that are appropriate for children.
thankfully Slur-York is one of them, and was on at the time.
for some reason, the kid loves it.
i mean, it's funny. but he can't possibly know that it is.
not that he isn't a funny little nugget, but here it is...
see what i mean?

3. lint
well, actually, i'm fairly certain that ben has NO idea what lint is.
but he loves his dad's lint brush.
and, should you be linty, i am happy to send him out to assist you.
so that he will stop standing around our house rolling it over belly.

4. his green blankets
yes, he has several green blankets. 
his favorites are a large olive green and a smaller mint green fleece blanket.
these both go into bed with him at night. 
and they come out of bed with him in the morning. 
and they go up and down the staircase with him all about the house throughout the day. 
he's not quite a Linus. 
he's content if they are in the same room. 
one of my recent favorite things that should have been on my list?
the giant ball of green blankets with two chubby bare feet sticking out of it that can be found bumping into furniture and giggling while wandering about my house.  

5. high end sunglasses
oh, wait? 
the free giveaway sunglasses from the opening of the Ohio Union in March of 2009 aren't high end?
oh, shoot. 
well, then, i guess he just loves sunglasses. 
and wearing them indoors. 
like, say, all over the mall and Target. 

and, my friends, those are a few of our favorite things. 
as of this week. ;) 

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