August 10, 2011

MBA = Masters of the Bug Arts

so, recently, anthony got a bug bite on his leg. 
or, at least i am fairly certain he did. 
because he was sitting on the floor of our master, putting on his shoes, and he was itching a red bump on his leg. 
a bump that i had told him was a bug bite the previous night. 
and he asked bern to look at it. 
he wanted to know if his father thought it was a bug bite. 

i kindly started to explain that i had already checked it out the night before. 
he looked me straight in the eye, and matter of factly, stated, "yeah, but, Mom. . . dad has been in school longer."

another person who thinks my Masters in College Student Personnel isn't all that helpful. 
thank goodness bern went back for the MBA.
goodness knows what topical ointment we might have applied to anth if he hadn't. 

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