September 8, 2011

it's official. i'm decrepit.

that's right friends. 
today it became fact. 
i'm old. 
or at least i'm "old" compared to the people i work with most. 
how did i finally accept this reality? 
thanks for asking . . . 

this is the first week of Resident Advisor training at OSU. 
today, the morning topics centered on mental health and front line response. 
but the morning began with a festive little spirit contest in which each hall was asked to have a mascot. 
(my personal winner was the Secret Service Agent from BP. he stayed in character in an impressive way.)
the morning also began with a rather stellar maneuver on my part. 
this was the one where i try to kneel on one of those fold-down chairs in a lecture hall and talk to the person behind me, and i put my knees too far back, causing the chair to fold back up, and i fall forward and practically land in the lap of the person i'm talking to.
you know, that one. 
it's a classic, really. 
the person i almost fell on was Beth Peters. 
one of the full-time staff members i supervise as of this summer.
i felt it was a good maneuver  to help boost her level of confidence in my leadership, and overall, abilities.
so i made sure to do it in front of her entire RA staff.
FYI- this scenario is not at all relevant to today's post. 
it's just that, sometimes, i feel like a good portion of my life has been an audition for America's Funniest Home Videos that someone forgot to record. 
so i share it now with you.

i went and found something solid to sit on and we listened to the staff from the campus counseling center.
at the end, we broke out into small group sessions.
on her way by, Beth stopped to tell me that she liked my scarf that i was wearing.
that it was, "mommy chic."
my instant reaction?
a pouty lip.
you see, beth meant this as a compliment.
(thanks, beth)
but what two immediate thoughts went through my mind?

1. the only fashion image that corresponds to a maternal role is MOM JEANS.
this is never a good thing.
2. oh my gosh. i have become so "old" that when i wear something cute, it is an accomplishment. 

so clearly, there was only one way to deal with the situation.
approach Beth during lunch at the commons and take the following picture. 

super-classy residential dining establishment reenactment.
the soft serve is behind us.
photo credit: Tyler Palsgrove. on my phone. under duress.
i am going to choose to believe that most mom's aren't hanging out in an Atlas Shrugged shirt, and give myself two points for not acting too much like i've given up quite yet.
also, i felt much better when i went back and noted her behavior in her performance review.

i heart beth.
no, beth did not actually give me a complex.
(i work with enough young people to feel youthful via osmosis.)
no, i did not note this "incident" in her evaluation.
yes, i do always know where the soft serve is. 

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