September 26, 2011

self-regulation update: Stairy Night

each day, anth has a blue folder that goes to and from school in his backpack.
notes to the teacher from bern and i, as well as completed homework, go to school via this folder. 
his day's classwork, as well as newsletters and homework come home with him. 
(and, most recently, a few hilarious "love notes" from his classmates.)

i have been saying that i need to share some of anth's classwork for a while now. 
but this one quickly rose to the top, due to it's relevancy to this recent post
"I said please when i wanted to get off the stairs."

now, we have always used the stairs as our time-out space. 
and, yes, he does often politely request to come off of the stairs before his time is complete. 
however, i don't know if this picture captures the spirit of all of that to a teacher new to our family. 

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