September 1, 2011

tech savvy

partway through our time at the beach, my sister and her boyfriend, Jeff, flew in from Hawaii to join the fun. 
my parents had us all over to their place for dinner so that we could all fit in the same place. 

at one point after dinner, the adults were chatting around the kitchen table, and the boys were hanging out watching Rio in the family room. 
it was a nice, calm, conversation. 
until bern turned his head to check on ben. 
and suddenly, bern was mid-air running toward ben, and all i heard was, "OhMyGoodnessBen, AreYouSendingEmailsFromMyPhone?!?!"


if you received a strange email from my husband in early august. 
and were wondering, but didn't want to bring it up. 
that's why.

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  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.