December 7, 2011

getting older

FYI: this post is specifically for my sister. 
not the content. 
but the fact that it is actually getting published tonight. 
because, about 20 minutes ago, she sent me a text from Kauai to say she was waiting for her 4pm installment of My Savvy Boys and that clearly i was behind. 
currently in the savvy abode, we are in the middle of the sad realization that the really big, pretty, pre-lit christmas tree we used to use is no longer conducive to the space in our house. 
and bernie is making a mad-dash to target. lowe's? i don't know. 
he is making a mad-dash to a place that hopefully has a more reasonably sized tree. 
as such, i have a few spare seconds to run downstairs and publish a post i wrote just after thanksgiving. 
because who wants to disappoint their little sister? 
not me. 
miss you, katie mae!
. . .

when we visit bern's house overnight, we typically stay in the spare room upstairs. 
this was the drill while we were in town last week for Thanksgiving. 
outside of the door is a small landing, with a window that is covered by a set of white shutters. 

for some reason, ben loves to mess around with these shutters. 
we typically ask him to stop. 
he typically fails to do so. 
this pattern was in full-effect while we were upstairs getting the boys ready for folks to come over for food. 

anth was sprawled across the bed, propping up his head in one hand. 
he looked over at ben, who was inching back toward the window to open/close the shutters one more time. 
anth looked away from ben to glance over at me, shake his head, and say, "that ben. he's just such a little kid sometimes. i remember being like that."

because i kind of don't remember you ever acting like a little kid. 

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