February 14, 2012

ben brings on the valentine's day love...

today, i felt truly grateful. 
at Ohio State, there are a slew of events going on right now to celebrate the 50th anniversary of John Glenn's orbit into space. 
as a part of one of these events, Bern and i had the opportunity to spend a lunch with some of our colleagues, during which Senator John & Mrs. Annie Glenn took the stage to share their love story. 
they have been married for 68 years, and have known each other since they were 2 years old. 
it was so touching to watch these two people who have been through so much history, space, and politics together simply dote on one another after so much time. 
i'm fairly certain that i teared up over 5 times. 
it was that sweet. 
so, i felt really grateful to be a part of such an endearing tribute to the the way relationships can sustain us throughout life.

similarly, benny started out our day on an equally touching note.
he has been itching to bring his "valentimes" to school. 
anth knocked out his valentines in approximately 30 minutes. 
but our sweet benny put a good two hours, and all his heart and soul, into writing out his name 20 times:

bern and anth left the house early today, and benjamin was standing in the middle of the kitchen, munching on a granola bar.
ben looked up to me and asked, "mommy. you know how you are making coffees and snacks?"
me, in the middle of mixing creamer into my coffee with one hand and pocketing a clementine with the other, "um. yes?"
ben, stopping his munching for a moment to look straight at me, "it's wasting time."
duly noted, sweet boy. 
and a happy valentine's day to you, too, ben. 

whether you adore the thought of valentine's day, or you are waiting for 12:01 am on the 15th, i wish you and yours a happy heart today!

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