February 25, 2012

shove with love

tonight, bern and anth are headed to campus to watch the opening ceremonies for BuckeyeThon.
BuckeyeThon is OSU's 12-hour dance marathon, raising funds for the Pediatric Oncology Unit at Nationwide Children's Hospital.
much love and support to the students and staff dancing tonight, and to all those they dance to help.

right now, benny and i are having a low key evening.
benny is watching Dumbo and i am sitting next to him sneaking in a blog post.
of this gem that i heard as i walked down the upstairs hallway last night.
the boys were in their bathroom.
anth was brushing his teeth and ben was standing next to him, leaning his chin on the counter.
"no, anth. i was pushing you off the stairs gently."

surprisingly, anth didn't comment back.
because, clearly, the force of a push down the stairs is what truly matters.

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