March 1, 2012

benny on quality parenting

during the week of valentine's day, the following assignment appeared on the walls of ben's classroom. 
the topic was "what is love?"
the kids wrote cute things like, "love is the people who are in my heart," and "love is my friends."
(note on me: my brain instantly went the route of Erich Segal to "love means never having to say your sorry." this is what happens when you steal books off of your mom's shelf in high school.)
(note on my note: if you have no idea what i'm talking about, you are missing out on an outstanding feel-good book/movie.)

i digress. 
the place was the wall in benny's classroom. 
the question was, "what is love?"
benny's answer was this: 

fortunately, he has some birthday gifts coming soon...

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