March 20, 2012

gregory hines meets Guns N' Roses

while i generally spend my time listening to musical theatre and singer-songwriter shtuff, i am drawn on occasion to listening to 105.7 The Brew in the morning.
they advertise themselves as "the next generation of classic rock."
i own it. 
i totally enjoy a little Metallica and Queensryche on the way in to work when the mood strikes.

anyway, i was in one of those moods yesterday.
benny was riding in my car while anth spent the day with bern.
Guns and Roses came on.
benny, who had been quiet for a few minutes, added, "those are some really loud dancers in this song, mom."
i had absolutely no idea what he was talking about.
until he pointed out the dancing.
in the song Paradise City.
i was horrified.
"actually, benny, those are drums."

my sister, Katie, is 6.5 years younger than me.
by the time she hit first grade, she was able to sing Paradise City on cue.
and had quite the collection of Violent Femmes songs in her repertoire.

yes, friends.
this was one of those moments when i took pause to reflect on the lessons i was and was not teaching ben.
bonus that he thought they were dancing.
sad that he didn't know it was drumming.
note: i did not question the choice to listen to The Brew with my 4-year-old.

i am eternally building up my Parent of the Year award nomination.
so many examples.
so little time.

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