April 3, 2012

hot mess on aisle 4

i love Clinique Bonus Time.
(yes, so much that i honor it with proper capitalization)
i literally stalk it on the clinique website.
i have essentially collected a lifetime supply of miniature mascaras and eyeshadows via Bonus Time, in exchange for buying products i already needed anyway.
it's a general win-win.

it is currently Bonus Time at our local Macy's stores.
on the way home from work recently, i grabbed benny and ran into what is locally known as the "blue Macy's."
this is because it is a stand-alone macy's in the middle of a local shopping center.
and because it is blue.
i particularly like this one because it is not attached to a mall.
thus, no onslaught of people.
and also, no temptation.
also, also...no benny begging me for Auntie Anne's cinnamon sticks.

at the heart of the Blue Macy's is the Clinique counter.
and, across the aisle from that is the Fossil section.
if i didn't have ben with me, i could probably kill a good 30-35 minutes wandering around this 400 square feet of space.
i was in the middle of doing just that, starting first at the Fossil and working my way slowly toward Clinique.
(i mean, there were people in line at the Clinique counter. why crowd them?)
i was busy exploring the inner pockets and flaps of some new bag or another when benny suddenly darted away from me and into the tiled aisle.

"benny, come back here with mommy!"
"no, mom! there's music!"
at this point, benny put his arms straight out at his sides and began sporadically spinning in circles and swinging his hips back and forth.
picture a helicopter.
with something terribly broken inside of it.
by this time, ben had attracted the attention of the women at the Clinique counter.
i was doing my best version of a sound-serious-enough-to-get-my-kid-back-over-here-but-not-TOO-serious voice to coax benny back to my side.
he completed a few more spins back in my direction, topping it off with a semi-Heisman stance.

then he put his hands on his hips, and looked at me with one eyebrow raised.
"THAT is how you ninja dance."

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  1. LOL, I know the Macy's you mentioned! Such a random location and color.