May 18, 2012

fail photo 55 - benny: on chicks

today was a big day for the savvy boy's. 
bern and i chaperoned anth's first grade field trip to the zoo. 
(photos to come. . .)
and benny's classroom had a Chick Party. 

allow me to explain. 
once again, it is chick hatching season in benny's classroom. 
this means that they have a handful of eggs in an incubator in the classroom, that they will be watching for 21 days. 
ben's classroom does this each year, and usually has a chick-hatching party at the end of the process. 

it is all very exciting and the source of much conversation in the classroom and at home. 
last week, little eggs and quotations from each "friend" went up on the classroom walls. 

most of them are either based on anticipation or educational tidbits the kids have picked up/made up about the chicks-in-progress. 
they ranged from statements like, "they will use their beaks to get out when they are ready," and "they will use their little feet to get out," to "it takes 21 days for the chicks to grow."

excited to see what benny had learned, i made my way to his egg. 
and found this:

2 points for imagination. 
not so many points for science. 
it is times like these that i find myself having conversations i could have never imagined. 

. . ."so please, benny, do not, under any circumstances,  put the chicks on the toilet in your classroom. 

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