October 1, 2012


first things first.
Happy Birthday, Bern!
i hope you had the most exciting day-of-birth-spent-at-a-conference ever!

speaking of bernie. . .
my husband sometimes teases me that i am not helping him raise well-rounded kids.

at first i was confused as to what he meant.
anth and benny both love So You Think You Can Dance.
and listening to musicals.
anth is an avid reader.
and ben can't wait to start gymnastics this fall.
however, i can concede that this is my version of well-rounded.

this topic usually comes up when bern is excited to sit down and watch football.
and both boys instantly scatter to find more exciting things to do.
as a football fan, bern would like to share this with his children.
personally, one of my favorite things about football is that it comes with nachos.
and, perhaps, a chance to snooze a little on the couch after said nachos.

so, i can understand bern's concern.
last weekend, anth sat down with dad to watch OSU play Michigan State.
i sat down to eat some nachos.
things were going well.
until anth asked bern why the referee kept throwing a rubber chicken on the field.
this was the rubber chicken:

i will let you imagine the look i recieved from bernie. . .

point taken.

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