November 14, 2012

Benny HGTV - episode 2

you may have already learned in yesterday's episode of Benny HGTV that the simple application of leftover halloween costume components can bring a whole new life to your end-table lamp. 

today, benjamin explores the concept of "when is a 'stache-lamp just not enough?"
and, more importantly, what is enough? 

the answer, my friends? 
think about the inside of the lampshade. 
this area of the lamp is simply not given enough attention. 
what a waste of valuable decorating space!

concerned about applying decor to the inside of the shade? 
fret no more!
it turns out, there is a handy hook under there just waiting for ornamentation. . . 

1. yes. this is my real life. 
2. warning: be careful not to knock Buzz off the lamp when turning it on. or off. 
3. trust me. 
4. designers are artists. artists are sensitive about people destroying their work. 
5. even at 4 years of age.
5. the mustache has since been removed so as to not melt the adhesive onto the shade over time. 
6. Buzz?
7. still there. there are only so many battles one can fight in a day.  

this post, in all its glory, goes out to Gina Hnytka, who gave 10 great years to Residence Life at Ohio State and has moved on to do fantastic work in a new office on campus. 
. . .and who may or may not actually read this blog. 
but who does love a good mustache. 
yet does not have one. 
just to clarify. 

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