August 1, 2013

LIFE UPDATE: totally. not. settled in.

how are you?

just in case you are about to ask, no, i'm not settled in yet. 
i just thought i would put that out there, because it is a current FAQ in my life. 
bern and i moved into our new house during the first week of July. 
and we are VERY excited.
we took a week off to get settled. 
these plans were diverted a bit based on some interesting choices made by the folks who lived here before us. 
so we have been unpacking on the weekends between baseball games and trips to the park and, today, getting the boys their library cards. 

so, we are getting there. 
the good news is that we have some very special house guests coming in late september. 
so at least we have a deadline. 

i have friends who have been asking me to post pictures of the house. 
in an attempt to comply, i just walked around the house. 
and started laughing. 
because there wasn't a single room worth preserving on film. 
i'm that good at life. 

so, here you go. 
here is a picture. 
this is the boys' room. 
a few weeks ago, it was pink.
so that's progress. . .right?

as you can see. 
it's a work in progress, but we're getting there. 
i promise a full photo tour when we're done. 
in late September :)


1. i got distracted while writing this post last week, and then completely forgot about it. 
2. yep. 
3. i was talking to a Hall Director today and it reminded me, so here we are again. 
4. but, the good news is, bern and i took monday off and spent 8 hours unpacking. 
5. (no, we're still not done.)
6. but now we are down to random stray boxes in each room, a guest room full of random things, and a lot of artwork that needs to be removed from the floor and applied to walls. 
7. even better? the boys have a very fun surprise coming on Friday, so we will be able to spend a bit more time setting up camp. 
shhh. . .

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