February 27, 2014

limbs are problematic

earlier this week, i was summoned to the living room by benny. 
and by summoned, i mean, he was screaming, "mom!! HEEEEELLLLPPP!"
i had been in the living room with him approximately 1 minute earlier to give him a bagel and milk. 

because of the urgency in his voice, i basically ran into the living room. 
what i found did not appear to be an urgent scene. 
benny was sitting with his legs out on the couch. 
he was holding his hands above his head, a bagel plate in one and the milk in the other. 
and he was looking longingly at the blanket on the ground beside the couch. 

it was clear that i had been brought there to apply the blanket to my small child. 
but, because we are trying to teach our boys to ask nicely for the things they want, i asked, "hey, benny. what's wrong?"

and, because he is at a rather literal stage in his life, he took a moment to think about my question. 
then he looked at me, deadpan, and said, "i don't have four arms."

 touché, benny. 

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