August 19, 2010

not quite there yet

at work yesterday, a colleague shared a “This I Believe” segment from NPR that i found particularly touching.
it included 30 “i believe…” statements generated by a 5-year-old.
a, in my opinion, extremely centered 5-year-old. 
in my brilliance, i came home and asked Anth if he could share the things he believes.
i thought it would be a wonderful keepsake.
so i grabbed the pen-on-a-lanyard that was sitting on the counter and a notebook and sat down with him. 
this is what he offered…
1. i believe that monsters are real… even though i know they aren’t. 
2. i believe that daddies are strong and think a lot
(anth pauses. general look of disinterest in mommy’s project, followed by flash of inspiration. takes pen out of my hand, and puts the lanyard around my neck.)
3. i believe you should wear this pen, mom…so that you can write down whatever your boss tells you to. 
(end scene)
…perhaps we’ll try this again at 6.

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