August 18, 2010

when i grow up

  • Background: my husband has been working on an evening MBA program for the last two years. we have both worked full-time on the same campus for 8 years.
  • while driving to daycare this morning, i explained to the boys that they would have a new babysitter tomorrow night and that she is an RA
  • Anth: she's an RA like you, mom?
  • Me: do you think I'm an RA, hon?
  • Anth: yeah...
  • Me: what do you think RAs do?
  • Anth: i dunno. Probably play on their computers all day?
  • Me: hmmmm...
  • Realization #1: my son has probably been telling the child care staff that I am an RA and my husband is a student
  • Realization #2: i have a brand new, 3-foot, generation to which i need to explain my career choice and the fact that i am, actually, no longer a student
  • fantastic...

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