September 17, 2010

and, we're back!

yay! My Savvy Boys is back in action.
this week's Friday Failed Photo seems a bit unseasonable. 
generally, this is the time of year i start to think about taking pictures of the boys for our annual holiday card. 

i'm a planner. i can't help it. 

i am ridiculously excited this year because a gem of a woman i used to work with in Baker West at OSU is working to launch a photography business and has offered to shoot the boys. 
(with her camera.) 
comparing the most recent Priscilla Joy Photography images on
to this photo that didn't make the cut last year, 
i would say that there is only room to go up. 

( much love and thanks to the lovely Eric Emch for the new header. and the patience. and the OTC logo. genius. always. )

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