September 18, 2010

what a ben wants

  • it has become clear that i missed quite a few benny-isms in one of my prior posts. anth has enjoyed pointing these out to me as they come up. they seem to break down into two categories. 
  • 1. things ben wants, and
  • 2. reactions to something you either said or did...
  • the following is a breakdown of common requests from the little guy...
  • if he asks for a LEMONENS...he would like some MnM's
  • if he requests FEW JOOPS... he is dreaming of Fruit Loops
  • if he offers his hand and sweetly states I NANNUH SEW YOU SUMPIN'... he is going to take you on a trip to the kitchen. here, he will ask you for MnM's. or, perhaps, an Oreo. you will suggest a "healthy snack." he will be displeased. 
  • if he states that he needs some  TOP-SICK ...his lips are feeling chapped
  • if it is close to bedtime and he asks for DO GOB DO...he is hoping you will rock him and read him "Go Dog Go"
  • if it is, instead, bathtime and he TAN FINE MY SOOT DONE...he cannot find the requisite bathtime squirt gun. (it is located on the edge of the tub. where he left it.)
  • and, if you are driving with benny in the car and he bellows WE DA-DUH BEED! WOWWED!...he is requesting that you play his favorite song, We Got The Beat. and that you kindly crank it up. 


  1. Per usual, I am howling at these comments. Which I really shouldn't do with a sore throat, but so be it. My favorite is "he will be displeased." Not because I enjoy it when your son is unhappy (only occassionaly), but I can picture the little face he maks that goes along with it. <3 it.

  2. hilarious as usual! can't wait to meet these little guys. i'm expecting my sides to hurt :)