September 29, 2010

bad habits

typically, bern and i wait to go into ben's room in the morning until we hear him in there talking. without fail, benny greets us with a smile and a poopy diaper.

for some reason, we generally greet him with "do you have poopoo for me?" (oh, like you don't do anything strange on a daily basis.) why we ask this, i have no idea, as the smell that hits you as you walk in the door answers the question before it is asked.

ben, without fail, cheerfully throws his arms into the universal pick-me-up position and responds "i hab a poopie fo' you!"

recently, bern left for work early, so i went in to perform the usual routine. which turned into a "dialogue" ending with benny crossing his arms to adamantly declare "NO, MAMMA! I made dis poopie for my daddy!"

perhaps we have added a little too much excitement to our end of this exchange for him to take his "offering" to be such an honor.

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