September 30, 2010

back in the day . . .

grandma and grandpa welch are in town from California. (thus, posting may be a tad haphazard for the next two weeks...)

grandma put benny to bed tonight, and grandpa sat down on the couch with anth and i while we did a little "homework." note, this homework is not assigned by his teachers most days. it is generally an assignment du jour of anthony's choosing. today, he wanted to work on numbers.

we had made our way to "4" and anth was working on a line of them in his spiral notebook. i was curious if he had started associating months with numbers, so i asked him, "anth, what does the number four mean to you?"

"well, mom. to me, it means that i've been four once. but that was way in my past," said my 5-year old.

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